Sabah (Turkey), 16 May 2007

The former Israeli Chief of the General Staff who resigned in January, Dan Halutz, will be attending Harvard for a two week course in business administration. But the students have covered the campus with posters stating "Wanted...War Criminal" to protest against the General.

The former Israeli Chief of the General Staff, Dan Halutz, was declared an "unwanted man" by Harvard Business School students. Last summer's Lebanon War, which caused hundreds of civilian casualties, led to the resignation of Halutz together with a large number of other generals as a result of tactical errors made during the war. Halutz, who left his position in January, will be receiving instruction in business administration at America's most prestigious university, Harvard, in a two-week management training course. The cost of his enrollment in a program that is attended by the world's leading CEO's and businessmen is known to be $56,000.


A group of students at Harvard who belong to an organization called the Association for Justice in the Middle East (AJME) have covered the walls of the university with posters that identify Dan Halutz as "Wanted." Members of AJME have indicated that they will spend one week searching for the general on campus and called on the entire university for assistance in finding him. Indicating that "Halutz is a war criminal for human rights violations committed
in Lebanon, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip," members of AJME have made public the dorm where the general will be staying and have called on others to help "Find Him." Suggesting that Halutz is in hiding, members of the organization have declared that they will organize a protest demonstration as soon as there is a sighting of the general on campus.