The Unwanted Man

Hurriyet (Turkey), 16 May 2007

Former Chief of General Staff Dan Halutz protested by Harvard Business School Students

Halutz, who was forced to resign on the grounds of tactical errors in the Lebanon War, which last summer caused hundreds of civilian deaths, will now join a program in Harvard, one of America's most prestigious universities, to receive an education in business.


An organization called the Union/Association for Justice in the Middle East (AJME) AJME, composed of a group of students enrolled in the university, prostested Halutz's arrival, hanging 'Wanted' signs for Halutz on the walls.

AJME, which cited Halutz as a war criminal due to human rights violations committed in Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza, provided the name of the dorm where the ex-Israeli general is staying and issued a call to "find him". Indicating that the general was in hiding, the group announced plans for future protest demonstrations.